Dealing with acne and breakout can be tough to figure out. The reasons behind them are endless. One day your skin is clear and looks great, then the next, it’s filled with pimple patches and spot treatments. As South Florida dermatologists, we work with you to figure out what may be the cause of your issues.   Some studies and various outlooks on medicine have shown that acne could be linked to other health issues. This is where acne mapping comes from. Acne mapping is forming the connection between certain places on the face to parts of the body that may be affected. This helps you and us figure out an acne treatment for you. 

Face Acne Chart

The ancient Chinese practice of face mapping is where we can find our face acne chart:  
  • Forehead: Forehead acne can be affected by the liver and or gall bladder. This could be a sign that there has been too much sugar or dairy in your diet that your body may not be processing properly. It can mean it's time to throw out the junk food and fill the fridge with fruits and veggies!
  • T-Zone: Acne in this area of the face can be the result of an unbalanced kidney, stomach, or spleen. Eliminating drinking alcohol and smoking can do wonders for the skin. Your insides will thank you, and your skin will, too!
  • Nose: Dilated pores are the common blame for nose pimples, and these could be caused by your heart. Improving your heart health, lowering your cholesterol, and consuming less salt and sodium-based products could drastically help with nose acne. 
  • Mouth: Blemishes around the mouth may point to your liver or stomach being to blame. This can be caused by eating too many unhealthy foods or drinking too often. The toxins from these can build up and lead to breakouts on your face. A way to help this is to try cleansing your body by cutting down the alcohol and adding healthy alkaline foods to your diet.
  • Cheeks: Acne on the cheeks often point to poor respiratory health. Smokers or those with allergies may find that they are prone to break out in this area. Fresh air and exercise can help clear this area up. Another culprit could be a dirty phone screen. Wipe down your phone every night, plus avoid caffeine, fatty foods, and alcohol. You’ll want to stop smoking, too.
  • Jawline: This is a hot spot for hormonal acne. Women may notice it during certain times of the month, and men may find it occurring depending on their testosterone levels. Talking to your doctor about regulating your hormones can help get these breakouts under control. 
  Face mapping breakouts can also be from external sources like: 
  • Hairline: Hair products could be clogging pores.
  • Cheeks: Dirty pillowcases and sheets causing breakouts.
  • Chin and jawline: Hormonal imbalance and/or gut health.
  • Forehead and nose: Stress, fatigue, and touching your face
  Acne mapping is not the end all be all of the acne solutions, but it is a great place to start.

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