Dermatology Hair Conditions and Treatments

 DCSI specializes in providing high quality care through all our treatment services, and we can evaluate any hair condition or disease that you may have. Our hair treatment is customized, and depending on the individual and the disease that is present, Dr. Wassef will determine the best level of care needed. Hair loss is a major problem in our society because it has a great deal of social and cultural importance. The most common type of hair loss is called androgenic alopecia. This is a hereditary form of hair loss that can be found in both males and females. At Dermatology & Cutaneous Surgery Institute, we will fully assess your hair condition before we provide you with the best treatment possible. If you are experiencing hair loss or have another hair condition, schedule your appointment today with DCSI.

Hair Loss and the Causes

There are many causes to hair loss, and Dr. Wassef can help guide you through the process. Dr. Wassef and his providers are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of hair loss. Many men and women use chemical treatments on their hair, and this can cause damage when repeated multiple times. Shampooing and brushing your hair too often can also be one contributing factor to hair loss. While this may be a factor, the most common cause of hair loss is due to hereditary thinning or balding. Many people will experience this as an inheritance from their parent. While there is no cure, there are hair loss treatments that can successfully help hair grow back healthy. Dr. Wassef will be able to fully examine your condition and provide you with the best treatment option.

Dandruff is the shedding of excessive amounts of dead skin flakes from the scalp. Dandruff differs from a dry scalp in that it is improved when one shampoos more often. This condition can often be controlled by prescription shampoos and medications prescribed by Dr. Wassef.

Hair Loss Treatment in South Florida

Hair loss can be caused by many different factors, such as genetics, stress, and even medication. It’s important to realize that there is effective treatment out there. If you seek treatment when you first notice the hair loss, you will be able to take control over it and fix the issue. Contact our Delray Beach or Wellington offices today to learn more about how we can help your hair loss problem. Our dermatologist in Delray Beach provides the best care possible and can treat a variety of hair conditions. Dr. Wassef and staff are committed to each of our patients’ health and well-being. We can ensure that high quality standards will be met. If you are suffering from hair loss, we want you to know that there is treatment available! Dr. Mounir Wassef can treat all dermatology conditions and diseases present.