ThermiVa and ThermiSmooth

Dr. Mounir Wassef is pleased to offer several groundbreaking cosmetic dermatology treatments to make you look and feel like a better version of your best self. Two cosmetic treatments we offer are ThermiVa and ThermiSmooth.


ThermiVa is an exciting procedure that can drastically improve the look and functionality of the vagina with no pain and no downtime.

Natural aging, not to mention childbirth, will cause the vagina to lose its tightness on the inside and the outside. This can not only affect the self-esteem of a woman, but also the wellbeing of their vaginal health.

The ThermiVa device has a temperature control capability, where the therapeutic endpoint for each patient is completely customizable. When heated, the collagen fibrils will denature and contract, which is believed to lead to the observed tissue tightening.

Benefits of ThermiVa

  • No discomfort
  • No downtime
  • Non-invasive, non-ablative, non-hormonal
  • No anesthesia required
  • Performed in-office
  • Gentle heat
  • Helps to reclaim, restore, and revive
  • Long-lasting results

This treatment uses radiofrequencies, which lightly heat the tissue on your body. This promotes the natural development of collagen which will trigger tightening in the area. This technology is also used on many different areas of the body; however, ThermiVa is used specifically for the tightening in the vaginal area.

This procedure takes about 30 minutes, and to achieve maximum results we offer three sessions, one month apart from each other. Patients can return to the office one or two times per year to maintain results.

ThermiVa is FDA-approved and is a non-invasive method to rejuvenate vaginal tissue offered as one of our cosmetic treatments in Wellington.



ThermiSmooth is an effective, non-invasive solution to aging skin. Like ThermiVa, this skin treatment works by using radiofrequency, heating the skin, forcing your body to create new collagen. This procedure is painless and leaves patients with no scarring.

Saggy skin, wrinkles, and cellulite can be treated with ThermiSmooth. We offer ThermiSmooth on the face, as well as treatments for the body.

ThermiSmooth on the face can be used for the:

  • Eyes
  • Cheeks
  • Mouth
  • Neck

ThermiSmooth on the body can be used for the:

  • Chest
  • Breast
  • Arms
  • Abdomen
  • Back
  • Hips
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Knees
  • Calves
  • Ankles

Thanks to the advent of the ThermiVa and ThermiSmooth procedures, you finally have a way to tighten your skin and restore the beauty of your younger self through a non-invasive method. Boosting your collagen and tightening your skin is just one step away! Contact our dermatologist today at Dermatology & Cutaneous Surgery Institute to take the first step.