how to treat psoriasis Psoriasis is a common skin condition with systemic considerations. The most common type of this condition consists of raised lesions covered with silvery scales most commonly seen on the elbows, knees, scalp, and trunk. Psoriasis is an immune system condition and there can be many triggers that bring about the onset of this skin disease. If you are experiencing scaly rashes anywhere on your body, you may be dealing with psoriasis. It’s important to understand what causes this skin condition and learn about the different ways you can treat the diagnosis. At Dermatology & Cutaneous Surgery Institute, we provide customized medical dermatology services that can effectively treat psoriasis and the common symptoms that come with it. Read below to learn more about psoriasis and the treatment options that are available for you.    

What Is the Main Cause of Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is an autoimmune skin condition that can affect daily life. You may be wondering if psoriasis is curable and what the main causes of this specific condition are. Though it is not curable, it is controllable. Many things can trigger the onset and continuation of psoriasis. There is extensive research about the main causes of psoriasis and doctors believe that the main contributing factors involve the immune system and genetics. Autoimmune skin conditions are the result of the body mistakenly attacking the skin cells, causing new skin cells to develop too fast.    

Psoriasis Treatment

In order to treat psoriasis, we suggest that you visit a medical dermatologist for a full assessment. Once a diagnosis for psoriasis is given, the best treatment option will be determined for you and your needs. Psoriasis treatment will reduce inflammation and work to clear the skin. There are certain topical medications that dermatologists will prescribe that can effectively manage psoriasis symptoms. If you are experiencing a more severe form of this skin condition, you may need a combination of topical treatments, light therapy, and oral medications. While this condition is not necessarily curable, there are many options for successfully managing the daily symptoms. Even though this is an autoimmune condition, there are certain triggers such as stress that can cause major flare ups. Dr. Wassef can assist you in managing and treating your psoriasis. If you believe you are experiencing psoriasis, contact our Delray Beach dermatologist today. We can ensure that you are receiving the best treatment possible!