If you’ve ever been on a long-haul flight, you know you don’t typically land at your destination with a feeling fresh and clean. When it comes to long flights, there’s so much to prepare for – and your skin is no exception. Airplanes can wreak havoc on facial skin so it’s important to not only protect your skin but also have an in-flight skincare routine in your back pocket.

How to Take Care of Your Skin on a Long Flight

Whether you fly once a year to a relative’s house or you’re a world traveler, flying takes a toll on your skin. Take care of your skin the right way by following these skincare tips for long flights.

Remove Your Makeup

The first and most obvious of our travel skincare tips is to cleanse your face of any makeup before boarding your flight. If you don’t wear makeup, wash your face to remove any dirt or grime that may have built up throughout the day.

Stay Equipped with Moisturizer

Flying in an airplane is like being in the desert. The lack of humidity in cabin air can leave your skin feeling and looking dull and dry. Keep your skin from drying out with a creamy hydrating moisturizer. Pro airplane skincare tip: hand cream is also a hand-y product as a quick refresher for not only your hands but also static hair.

Pack a Hydrating Facial Spray

Spritzing your face with a refreshing facial mist or water spray helps to hydrate and awaken skin. Use a mist throughout your long flight to keep your facial skin moist.

Apply a Facemask

While applying a sheet mask on a plane may seem like an excessive step for in-flight skincare, the cool and refreshing feeling is not only comforting but also nourishing for your skin. If you opt out of pampering yourself in-flight, wait to apply your facemask after your flight.

Watch What You Eat and Keep Your Body Hydrated

One of the most important tips for your skin while flying is to stay hydrated. Switch out alcohol and coffee for tea and water. While you typically want to avoid getting up and using the restroom on a long flight, it’s worth it and your body will thank you upon landing. Bathroom breaks aren’t always a bad thing either – they’ll help your body maintain a healthy circulation and avoid muscle cramps. Be mindful of your sodium and fat intake about 24 hours before your departure.

Get Some Sleep

Maintain your complexion with some beauty rest. One of the most important skincare tips for long flights is to sleep before or during your flight to wake up fresh and alert. There’s nothing like a good nap to lift you up after you touch down.

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