Want to give your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, partner, or friend the gift of a lifetime? Why not gift them Botox! Gifting your friends Botox is something that is different, unique, and switches from the scarf or gift card you were just going to give. Follow our guide for giving Botox as a gift to ensure you’re choosing the right people for gifting Botox and following the right gift-giving steps.

Pick the Gift for Friends Who Will Appreciate it

The first thing you want to know when trying to gift your friend Botox is knowing which friend won’t be offended from it; this is key. You don’t want to offend someone and giving a stranger Botox won’t have the gratuitous effect compared to a friend who has been dropping hints here and there over the years. When giving Botox as a gift, you want to pick friends or family members that you know will appreciate this out of the box gift.

Make It a Spa Day

If you truly want to gift your friends Botox, make it a day they won’t forget. For example, make it a romantic day filled with candles, champagne and chocolates or tell your friends that you both will be getting a spa day with Botox added into the mix. You can go out to a nice lunch afterwards or book a massage following the Botox. By making it a day they won’t forget, you are implying that this is something special and truly unique. It comes across as a message that says, let’s get Botox together and make memories, instead of, I think you need Botox, here it is.

Have a Backup Plan

While your friend may be dropping hints that they want Botox, not everyone actually qualifies for the quick procedure. Follow up with a medical dermatology center to make sure that your friend is able to go through with Botox. If Botox isn’t the right fit for your friend, there are many other dermatological procedures that will help them look and feel their best.

Things to Know When Gifting Botox

When trying to gift your friends Botox, please know that this procedure should be done by a certified and licensed professional. A cosmetic dermatology center is the only place where you should be getting any medical cosmetic dermatological procedure done. Schedule a consultation with at our Delray dermatology center to learn more about any of our dermatology procedures and give your friends the gift of Botox. Related Articles: Benefits of Botox