As 2019 comes to a close and 2020 will signify once again a new year, why not try something different and start the new year right with a skin treatment. While everyone’s new year’s resolutions usually are to join the gym or stop smoking (which is horrible for the skin), try something out of the box such as a skincare resolution! After all, this is 2020 a chance to start anew and with that means new year, new skin.

Skin Care Resolution #1: Wearing Sunscreen

Sun exposure can accelerate your skin’s aging, so you should be incorporating sunscreen into your daily skincare routine. There are so many great products nowadays that make it so easy to have SPF, such as coverup and even a daily moisturizer. Say new year, new skin by making this a habit by protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Skin Care Resolution #2: Hydration

Having healthy glowing skin can be achieved if you just drink more water. As you move forward with your skincare resolutions for 2020, incorporate more water into the mix. Dehydration can take a toll on your body and skin and may it look dull and worn out. There is also a big difference between dehydrated and dry skin, so know the difference to prevent both. As a bonus tip, if you don’t like drinking water by itself, try adding some fresh fruits or mint and lemon to give your water some extra natural flavor.

Skin Care Resolution #3: Take Off That Makeup

As another year passes, still many forget to take their makeup off before going to bed. This is extremely bad for your skin and may be the reason for your acne and clogged pores. This new year, give your skin a break by fully removing your makeup every night. You can even write reminders on the mirror or on your phone to wash your face before bed. Make this the year you make the change and tell yourself new year, new skin, washing that makeup off before bed.

Skin Care Resolution #4: Stop Touching Your Face

The simplest new year, new skin resolution you can try in 2020 is to stop touching your face. There is a lot of bacteria that your fingertips pick up, especially from your phone. All you are doing even time you touch your face is increasing more bacteria that is causing an oilier face and more acne.

Skin Care Resolution #5: See a Dermatologist

The most important skin resolution you can do in 2020 is going to a medical dermatology center to get your skin looked at. There are still reasons you should see a certified dermatologist such as moles and skin checkups. A dermatologist can help treat any concerning skin problems and offer you custom skincare tips. If you haven’t been to one yet, make this the year you make the change.