It’s no surprise that we all immediately want to snuggle into a ball as soon as our heads hit the pillow; however, beauty sleep begins by repairing your skin. You might not realize the number of germs and grime your face collects throughout the day. Incorporating a beauty ritual into your routine can drastically change the youthfulness and radiance of your skin. 

Nighttime beauty rituals are highly encouraged by models, actresses and other influencers. I mean, who doesn't want beautiful, glowing skin? Follow these nighttime beauty rituals from our dermatologist in Delray Beach

Bedtime Beauty Habits 

Getting a good night’s rest starts with your bedtime beauty habits. Here are some tips and tricks for your nighttime regime. 


One of the most important bedtime beauty rituals is cleansing before and after you get a good night’s rest. Regardless if you wear makeup or not, cleansing thoroughly before bed is vital. Throughout the day, your skin attracts dirt, dead skin, excess oil, and product build-up. Our team does not recommend you go to bed before cleansing and washing your face. Use a gentle cleanser to remove all of those unwanted impurities.

Nighttime Mask

Another essential item for your nighttime beauty ritual is a facial mask. Cleansing your face before bed is often not enough. Our team recommends you apply a face mask before bed that is rich in moisture, full of essential oils and hyaluronic acid to add more hydration to your skin. It’s not uncommon to feel too exhausted to properly cleanse your face. That’s why face masks are so great! Simply apply the supercharged face mask and continue with your unwinding routine. When you wake up, your skin will look better than ever before without the mess or hassle. 


One of the most beneficial bedtime beauty rituals is applying retinol. For years, models have incorporated this magical skincare product. The benefits of retinol include smoothing the skin, reducing fine lines and aiding in the production of collagen. Apply a small amount of retinol before bed and wake up to gorgeously radiant skin. 


A nighttime beauty ritual you must follow is drinking plenty of water. When you drink enough water, it leaves your skin feeling refreshed and glowing. Not only does it help you stay hydrated while you are asleep, but it also thickens your skin. You might not know this, but your skin actually loses water during the night, which is why your skin might feel dry and tight in the morning. Refresh your skin by simply drinking plenty of water throughout the day, but most importantly, before bed. 

Silk Pillowcase 

Silk pillowcases are all the rage right now, but for a good reason. Our best dermatologist for acne in Palm Beach notes that sleeping on a harsh material can cause your hair to break, acne to become more present, and overall more inflammation. Silk pillowcases are more gentle on your hair and skin. Cotton pillowcases can lead to more friction and irritation. Choose a silk pillowcase for better beauty rest. 

Getting a good night’s rest isn’t the only thing to aid in more youthful skin. Aside from these bedtime beauty rituals, it’s important that you are regularly seeing your dermatologist in South Florida. Our team is here to help your skin become radiant, hydrated and free of any alarming issues. Check out our medical-grade facials to further assist in your bedtime beauty habits. Contact us today to schedule your next dermatologist appointment.   

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