Understanding hereditary balding is complex. Most people believe that they can blame their baldness gene on their mothers. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. At the Dermatology & Cutaneous Surgery Institute, the best dermatologist in South Florida, we share our vast insight into the baldness gene and how being bald is a condition genetically inherited from both the mother and father. 

The ‘Baldness Gene’ Explained

What determines baldness are your genes, and hair loss happens in a predictable pattern commonly known as male pattern baldness (MPB) or female pattern baldness (FPB). Men can often expect to see MPB begin occurring as an m-shaped receding hairline. Usually starting around the age of 20 to 30, it will appear first at the front of the scalp.  For women, it is more common to experience hair loss after menopause. The balding pattern for women is commonly referred to as the Ludwig pattern, a gradual hairline recession along the part of your hair.   [1] A study investigating the baldness gene in twins found that genetics account for 80% of male pattern baldness.  While male pattern baldness isn’t entirely understood, one aspect is becoming more apparent. Male pattern baldness is polygenic – involving one or more genes.  [2]Another study showed that more than 80% of people with fathers who had lost hair also began experiencing noticeable balding. 

What Determines Baldness? 

For many years people have blamed hair loss on receiving the male pattern baldness gene and their hair genetics. Specifically, people believed that a gene was passed down from mothers to sons on her X-chromosome. But our Lake Worth dermatology office is here to put that widespread hair myth to rest.   If you would like to point a finger and blame anyone for your baldness gene, be sure to blame both your father and mother. While genetics play a huge role in hair loss, various other factors can also influence thinning or hair loss. 

Other than Genetic Hair Loss, What Causes Balding? 

While the baldness gene plays a considerable role in genetic hair loss, other contributions can cause baldness. For women, it is common to experience hair loss once menopause has begun, and as for men, they can often see balding begin in their early adulthood. Some other influences to hair loss are: 
  • Hormonal changes
  • Alopecia areata
  • Trichotillomania
  • Stressful hairstyles like tight ponytails
  • Drugs and supplements
  • Birth control 
  • Radiation therapy
  • Stress
  • Nutritional deficiencies 

South Florida Dermatologists Specializing in Genetic Hair Loss 

If you are seeking treatment for noticeable balding, then it may be time to see a dermatologist. We can help take control of the issues and find a treatment plan that works best for you. Our dermatologists in Wellington and our Palm Beach dermatology institutes specialize in a wide range of dermatology conditions, including hair loss. We pride ourselves on providing the best hair loss treatment in South Florida.  If you are suffering from hair loss, we want you to know that there is treatment available! Dr. Mounir Wassef can treat all dermatology conditions and diseases present.

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