Summer has finally arrived, and like most of us in sunny South Florida, that means spending long days tanning and swimming in the pool. At DCSI, we know how harmful chlorine and the harsh sun can be on one’s skin. Without the right swimming pool skin care routine, the chlorine and sun can cause some serious damage. With the help of our dermatologists in Wellington and Delray Beach, we share our tips on taking care of your skin before and after a swim. 

How to Protect Face from Chlorine in a Pool? 

Prepping your skin for a fun day in the sun includes applying an extra layer of moisturizer to your face. This layer will act as a barrier between the chlorine from the pool and your skin. Prepping with barrier cream is the best way to protect your face from chlorine in pools and avoid unwanted redness or itchiness after a swim. 

Pre-Swim Skin Care Routine 

The first step is always to prep your skin with UV protection both before and after a swim. If you are using the same sunscreen from last summer, ensure that the sunscreen has not expired

Most swimming pools in Florida use chlorine to help kill germs and bacteria and to keep the water clean and safe to swim in. Our dermatologists in Delray Beach firmly believe that while everyday UV protection is imperative for your skin before and after a swim, taking the necessary steps to repair damage caused by chlorine is just as important both pre and post-swim. 

We recommend finding products that contain dimethicone, glycerin, oils, or petrolatum, to use on your skin both before and after a swim. 

Post-Swimming Skin Care Routine 

Your post-swimming skin care routine is imperative to keeping your skin glowing and damage-free all summer long. Our dermatologists recommend rinsing off your skin as soon as you get out of the swimming pool. The longer the chlorine sits on your skin, the more damage is being done to your pores. Use a light to mild hydrating cleanser or a body wash to rinse off the pool’s chemicals and help restore your skin’s pH balance. 

After rinsing off, the next step to your skin care routine after swimming is to reapply a moisturizer to restore hydration to your skin. If you plan on continuing to enjoy a relaxing day in the sun and swimming by the pool, ensure you apply UV protection and moisturizer. 

Lastly, if you plan on spending an abundant amount of time this summer swimming in a pool, be sure to take the time to visit a dermatologist for a refreshing medical-grade facial. Help your skin before and after a swim this summer with monthly facials from our team of professional dermatologists at DCSI. 

Dermatologist Recommended Summer Skin Care Hacks 

Let the professionals at DCSI help your skin before and after a swim this summer! We can help recommend the best makeup for swimming and ensure your skin looks its absolute best all summer long. Contact us today to make an appointment and learn more about our medical-grade facials and chemical peels! 

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