Ghosts, pumpkins, and blood galore! As Halloween quickly approaches, it's important you understand how to care for your skin after Halloween. Our dermatologist in Wellington can't stress enough how important it is to care for your skin and stick to a skincare routine. Pounding on the makeup for Halloween means sticking to a proper yet gentle recovery process.  Follow these Halloween skincare tips for an easier recovery.

How to Care For Your Skin After Halloween

It takes micellar water, gentle cleanser, moisturizer, and more, to properly care for your skin. Check out these Halloween skincare tips for a safer and easier recovery that isn't damaging or detrimental in the long run.

1. Micellar Water

The first step in your Halloween skincare routine is to apply micellar water. Your Halloween makeup is sure to come off without tugging or bulging at your skin with a simple swipe of micellar water. Makeup wipes can be tough on your under-eye area and your face. Opt for a gentler option like micellar water to remove makeup, dirt, germs, and more.

2. Gentle Cleanser

After you remove your makeup with the micellar water, it’s time to go in and wash your face with a gentle cleanser. Choose a clarifying cleanser to help remove any impurities and purify your skin. After a night full of heavy makeup, it’s important in face recovery to cleanse your skin.

3. Add More Hydration

Your skin is most likely dry, damaged, and suffering after pounds of Halloween makeup. Hydrate your skin with facial oil and a nourishing moisturizer. Choose a face oil that is well-formulated with high-quality essential oils to plump and hydrate your skin after Halloween. Apply a gentle but hydrating moisturizer before bed so you wake up with nourished and restored skin. Adding the extra hydration can help calm inflamed skin from any prosthetics or latex used during your Halloween fun! 

4. Apply Lip Treatment

One of the most important Halloween skincare tips is to apply lip treatment to your dry, cracked lips. Wearing lipstick all night long on Halloween can drastically dry out your lips, especially if a lip stain or liquid lip is used. Apply a lip scrub or a lip oil to revive your pout. Simply apply a balm, oil, or other lip treatment before bed, and your lips should be restored when you awaken.

5. Visit Your Local Dermatologist

A great way to learn how to calm irritated facial skin is to visit your local dermatologist in Delray Beach. Your Halloween makeup can cause dry skin but can also lead to acne breakouts. Treat your skin after Halloween with a medical-grade facial in Delray Beach or one of our other cosmetic treatments in South Florida. Dr. Wassef of Dermatology & Cutaneous Surgery Institute is here to help you care for your skin after Halloween. Make sure you maintain your Halloween skincare routine this holiday season. Restore your skin and contact us today to speak to the best dermatologist in South Florida. Stay spooky and protect your skin this Halloween!   Related Reading: How Skin-Safe is Your Halloween Makeup?