Aquaphor Healing Ointment has quickly become one of the most popular and available skin products in today’s market. With its thick ointment consistency it can help heal and protect dry or cracked skin, minor cuts and burns, skin irritations, and even chapped lips, just to name a few. Its main ingredient is petroleum but it also has a mix of mineral oils and waxes that are safe to apply to the skin and helps retain moisture and water on the surface of the skin. This multipurpose ointment has become a household staple and a regular part of many people's skincare routines. 


Even celebrities like Hailey Bieber, Nicole Kidman, and Zendaya have talked about using Aquaphor as part of their skincare routines. 


DCSI loves a product that can be used to help with so many different conditions or concerns and to help maintain smoother and healthier skin, whether you deal with dry skin or not. There are more benefits of Aquaphor on face routines that our professionals would love to share! 


Is Aquaphor Good For Face Care?

While Aquaphor itself is not a typical moisturizer, instead of adding water to the skin it helps retain the water already present on the surface of the face. It can also draw in additional moisture from the air. This product creates a breathable protective barrier over any broken, irritated, or injured skin. It is generally safe to use on any area of the skin. There are two main benefits of Aquaphor on the face of body areas:


  • Easing dry skin
  • Healing injured skin 


Easing Dry Skin

Aquaphor, because it can be used on many different areas and the skin, can also be used to ease dry skin or your lips and eyelids as well as the rest of the face. If you are wondering how to put Aquaphor on your face or body areas, first cleanse your skin and patch dry. Leave a little bit of moisture on the face before applying the Aquaphor to maximize the benefits. 


Even applying a small amount can help with irritation or discomfort, it can also prevent further damage to dry or cracked skin. Some studies prove Aquaphor is an effective way to treat and reduce signs and symptoms of keratosis pilaris. 


Healing Injured Skin

Using Aquaphor has also been proven to speed up the recovery of injured skin, including recently tattooed skin. It can also help in the healing process of small or minor cuts and wounds, anything large or serious should be seen by a medical professional. 


Applying the Aquaphor prevents wounds from scabbing or drying out, even possibly scaring. Be sure to clean the wound daily before reapplying the product. 


How to Use Aquaphor on Face?

For the best facial results, start with a gentle cleanser, then layer your skincare products. After that you can mist a small amount of water on the face to add a little moisture, then apply the Aquaphor to lock everything in. If you plan on using it all over the face it is best to use Aquaphor at night. This is a process called slugging, it helps lock in the products and promotes their benefits. Other ways to use Aquaphor include on the eyelashes and eyebrows, it can strengthen both and help them look shinier and healthier. 


You can purchase Aquaphor at almost any local drugstore near you. It is a widely available product that assists in the healing of skin all over the body.


What Is the Difference Between Aquaphor and Vaseline?

Aquaphor and Vaseline are often thought of as the same thing and can be used interchangeably for slugging. However, there is an important difference between the two. Vaseline does not have lanolin in it while Aquaphor does. 


Lanolin is a natural ingredient that is harvested from shorn sheep’s wool. It is also a tried-and-true skin salve for many years. If someone with eczema or dermatitis wants to try slugging it is sometimes better to use Vaseline because the lanolin may cause a reaction, it is uncommon but if they want to be more cautious it is good to know. 

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