For anyone wondering if ‘beauty sleep’ is a real thing… of course it is! Your skin uses the time that you are asleep to heal itself from the damage of the day. Getting a good night’s rest gives your skin the chance to improve. This is often why you may notice your skin looking fresh in the morning, ready to take on the day! Scientific studies have shown that people who sleep seven to nine hours a night had skin that was more moisturized and self-protecting after being exposed to ultraviolet light in comparison to those who slept less. Most people who are well-rested rate themselves as more attractive in a self-evaluation that was done after the study conducted by the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dermatology. DCSI wants to show our current and potential patients all the benefits of sleep for the skin. 

Does Sleep Affect Skin?

The answer is yes, sleep does affect the skin. There are many benefits of sleep for skin that our expert dermatologist wants to share with you! 

Fewer Breakouts

To aid in having skin that is more clear, get more sleep! When there is a lack of sleep, the body can become stressed which can lead to pimples and blackheads forming. This can even happen in adults, not just acne-prone teenagers. We often see more stressed induced breakouts in college students, especially during exams.

More Even Skin Tone

Sleep encourages more blood flow to your skin which results in a more even skin tone. Less sleep could leave your skin looking pale or blotchy.

A Way to Outsmart Puffiness 

If you wake up in the morning with puffy eyes, it is because fluid collects around them when your head lies flat on the bed. A way to help this is to prop your head above your heart at night with a couple of pillows. If that doesn’t help then apply a cold cloth to the area for a minute or two. Learn more about how to reduce under-eye bags here!

Skip the Salt

If you are one for the midnight snacks, try not to reach for any salty snacks! Salt can give you a swollen face in the morning. Food high in salt can cause the body to retain fluid, leading to puffiness. Try grabbing a piece of fruit instead! 

Drink Water Before Bed

We know that the glass of wine at the end of a long day can be relaxing, but it leaves you at higher risk for dried-out skin and visible pores the next day. So replacing the nightcap with lots of water instead can really help.  Pro Tip: Use a toner that has zinc sulfate or aluminum in the morning to help make pores look smaller.

Create a Great PM Skincare Routine

An easy way to ensure a face that is smooth and soft is a great nighttime skincare routine. Start with a mild cleanser to remove the grit and grime of the day. Then a moisturizer, eye cream, and other serums that will help combat any of your skin concerns.  Pro Tip: Retinoids work best at night and work to smooth out wrinkles. Sleeping face up will also help cause fewer wrinkles. 

Contact DCSI Today!

If you think you are getting enough sleep and are still dealing with some of the concerns we listed above, contact us today! Our West Palm Beach dermatologist can set up an appointment and help you get to know your skin better and how to help it. You can also check out our blog to gain some more skincare tips.