A recent study from the National Rosacea Society, NRS, found that highly successful medical dermatology treatment for rosacea has a major positive impact on the overall well-being in the lives of patients. After surveying 1,044 patients suffering from rosacea, a common disorder that causes redness on the face, the NRS found around 76 percent of all respondents saw improvement after receiving skin treatment. Among those patients, 40 percent noticed an improvement in psychological well-being, 35 percent saw improvements in social well-being, and 31 percent noticed positive improvements in occupational well-being. The burden of rosacea has shown to negatively impact those suffering from the disease when considering their quality of life. Their appearance and confidence can decrease solely because of flare-ups and remissions of this chronic disorder. Facial redness, thickened facial skin, bumps, pimples, flushing, visible blood vessels, and ocular manifestations are all signs that can affect the livelihood of those suffering from the disorder. During the Rosacea Awareness Month and spanning throughout the year, the NRS will conduct public education activities to raise awareness for the millions of individuals with rosacea who may not realize that they have a medical condition that can be treated, while also emphasizing the warning signs.2 Patients with skin conditions like rosacea can turn to cosmetic treatments to achieve clear skin, making way for improvements in overall well-being. For more information regarding medical dermatology, cosmetic dermatology, or surgical dermatology to treat hair, skin, and nail conditions, you can turn to our dermatologist in Delray Beach and Wellington, Florida, Dr. Mounir Wassef.

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