2020 is finally here! Everyone has a lot to look forward to in the coming year and there’s nothing like fresh, healthy skin to make someone feel like they can take on anything. If you hardly benefitted from your skincare routine in 2019, this new year is your chance to start over and revamp your whole regimen. Our professional dermatologists at DCSI offer some guidance with these recommended New Year’s skincare resolutions for 2020.

Stick to the Routine

We get it, committing to a skincare regimen can be difficult! A busy life can make a consistent skincare routine downright tedious, but if you really want supple, radiant skin, you need to make a change. One of your New Year’s skincare resolutions for 2020 should be to stick to your skincare routine to see results. Wash your face every morning. Take off your makeup every night. Over time, you will see improvements to your skin’s overall health.

Skincare All Over

You have skin all over your body, not just on your face. Therefore, as one of your New Year’s skincare resolutions for 2020, you should give the skin all over your body just as much love as you give the skin on your face. Cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize all over your body daily just as you would take care of your face and your skin will thank you!

Use SPF Daily

As a resident of the Sunshine State, your skin is susceptible to sun damage from UV rays if you don’t use sunscreen on a regular basis. Sun-damage can cause premature wrinkles, brown spots, freckles, age spots, and liver spots. So, in 2020, give your skin the protection it needs by using sunscreen all over your body daily. Set the sunscreen next to your other skincare products so you won’t forget to apply it before going out. If your skin is already sun-damaged, you can always use chemical peels as a way to combat premature aging, age spots, and uneven skin tone caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Purchase Skin Care Services

If you want to see improvements in your skin this year, check out some of these skincare trends for 2020 and make an appointment with our certified team of professionals. Giving your skin the best treatment it deserves is the most effective way to see positive results in your skin and fulfill your New Year’s skincare resolutions for 2020. We offer numerous treatments for all types of skin conditions, so you can put your full trust in our dermatologists to take care of your skin professionally.   At Dermatology & Cutaneous Surgery Institute, we strive to give our patients the best care possible. To learn more about our dermatology services, contact our Delray office at 561-637-0222 or our Wellington office 561-246-1791 today!