Pizza night, make your own burrito, chips, cookies, and more are all a part of COVID-19 comfort eating. During these trying times, you might have turned to stress eating. While this is completely normal and very common during the COVID-19 outbreak, your skin might have seen better days. But don’t worry, our dermatologist in Delray Beach is here to share more about how COVID-10 triggers skin problems.

Is Quarantine Affecting My Skin?

Increased stress, comfort eating, and a disrupted routine can all affect your skin while quarantining. Your COVID-19 skin problems could be a result of being in quarantine or government lockdown.

Take a second to think about when your skin problems started and what might be causing the flare-ups. Also, what part of your body or face are the skin problems appearing during COVID-19? Are you experiencing jawline acne from your face mask usage, or maybe the bacteria from your phone is causing cheek acne?

The first step is to ponder your lifestyle during the past few months of the COVID-19 outbreak, and then we can begin pinpointing the exact cause for your skin problems.

But acne isn’t the only skin condition you might experience during the COVID-19 pandemic. Your skin can lack dullness, feel drier and more irritated, and even experience redness.

Increased levels of stress can also cause you to develop poor eating habits, as well as, mental health disorders like skin picking. People who have skin picking disorder destroy their skin out of stress, anxiety, and even just boredom; however, their condition can be heightened due to increased stress levels during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Your skin can drastically change with the quarantine lockdown due to the novel case of coronavirus. However, by addressing your eating habits, reducing stress, and seeking treatment for skin problems as well as mental health issues can get you back into shape.

Before the novel case of coronavirus, you had to worry about outside forces like the sun and pollution harming your skin, but now, being confined to your home might actually be hurting your skin even more. As the pandemic continues, make sure you are sticking to healthy eating habits, reducing your stress as much as possible, and focusing on your mental health to improve your skin problems.

Dairy, gluten, soy products, fish, and more can also worsen your complexion. If you are unsure if you are allergic to any foods or experience any reactions, you can always take away one food group, like dairy, for a few weeks to see if you see any improvement in your skin. While pizza night is a fun activity during the COVID-19 lockdown, there are healthier modifications like gluten-free crust or vegan cheese to improve your skin.

If you are looking for further answers for your COVID-19 skin condition, please contact our cosmetic dermatologist in South Florida. Take control of your skin today with help from South Florida Dermatology. You are on your way to a clearer and brighter complexion.