Now that the New Year’s finally here, you’re probably thinking of revamping your whole skincare routine. There are so many skincare trends 2020 floating all over the Internet that it can be quite difficult to narrow down the skincare routine that’s best for you. Not to worry, our professional dermatologist at the Dermatology & Cutaneous Surgery Institute shares a bit of insight on how to build a skincare routine for you!


To develop an effective skincare regiment, start with your cleanser. Cleansing your face is the most fundamental step in your skincare routine as it removes environmental pollutants, toxins, and other harmful elements our skin comes into contact with daily. Washing your face twice a day reduces clogged pores, acne, dullness, and other unfavorable skin conditions. However, you shouldn’t use just ANY cleanser but a cleanser that’s best for YOUR skin. Below are different kinds of cleansers for specific skin types:
  • Oily skin – foaming liquid cleanser
  • Dry skin – cream or lotion cleanser
  • Sensitive skin – oil cleanser
  • Mature skin – melting balm
  • Normal skin – micellar water


Following your cleanser, apply a toner to your face. Toners are like supplements that help your other skincare products work better while balancing your complexion. Pour a few drops on a cotton pad with clean hands, making sure it’s damp, not soaking wet, and gently apply it to your face.


Serums are extremely effective in that they’re highly concentrated with active ingredients to alleviate a variety of skin problems such as dark spots, wrinkles, acne and more. The following are active ingredients in serums to help fight specific skin problems:
  • Hyaluronic acid – hydrates and strengthens the top layer of your skin
  • Vitamin C – brightens dull skin and lightens dark spots
  • Retinol, vitamin B3, peptides – increases the production of collagen to help prevent fine lines and sagging skin
  • Colloidal sulfur, niacinamide – soothes redness and irritation


Another essential element to help you develop a skincare routine is the moisturizer. We highly recommend using moisturizers throughout the year, regardless of your skin type. Over time, our skin loses the ability to retain moisture by exposure to parabens and toxins we encounter every day. If you’re unsure which moisturizer is best for you, we’ve outlined the best moisturizers for different skin types:
  • Oily skin – gel moisturizer
  • Normal/combination skin – lotion
  • Dry skin – cream and soft cream
  • Sensitive skin – balm

In order to develop the best skincare routine for you, you must identify your skin type, the issues you’re having, and go from there. If you need assistance to find the skincare routine that fits your needs, or you would like to learn more about our skin treatments, contact our Wellington clinic at 561-246-1791 or our Delray clinic at 561-637-0222 today!